H U M A N - C E N T E R E D D E S I G N

Over the past five years I’ve worked as a design researcher and strategic advisor exploring the future of public libraries using human-centered design. This project started with a team at IDEO, in partnership with libraries in Chicago and Aarhus, Denmark to connect more deeply to the needs of the public by using a human-centered design approach (read about it here). During this project we were in conversation with librarians around the world about leading meaningful changes and developing new practices around creativity and experimentation. We were particularly focused on understanding patron needs, experimenting without the fear of failure, and using ongoing prototyping as a way to learn. This work culminated in a co-authored Design Thinking for Libraries Toolkit, available to download free, here.

Since 2015, I have continued to work independently with libraries and librarians around the world to build research and design skills, and to build meaningful services for the public.

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