For several years I worked as a design researcher at IDEO, and during my time there, I found over and over again that people were profoundly impacted by the inspiration phase of our research. We’d immerse ourselves in exploring ideas first hand, look at them from multiple points of view, and ask new questions about the world. I discovered that for clients and partners, it was often the most transformational experience they had on a design project.

Inspiration tours are immersive learning experiences that empower participants to see the world in new ways. They also provide a means to think and feel more expansively and conceptually, to create new pathways for ideas, to build empathy, and to make powerful connections. 

I am constantly seeking inspiration, it is a central part of my life and I consider it a practice and a discipline. Many people aren’t driven to find inspiration so it helps to have someone lead then through this process.

My inspiration tours are guided by four fundamental values:

1. Finding new ways to know the world can expand our possibilities for changing the world. These experiences are embodied and often encourage people to use their senses and to feel things as much as they think about them. 

2. Conceptual thinking is central to creativity. I generally never take people to places that are familiar, I take them to unique places in order to break their frames of reference. Rather than one-to-one application of ideas, participants are encouraged to think conceptually taking ideas from unfamiliar places and apply them their context.

3. There is inspiration everywhere. Once you’ve had an experience finding inspiration in unexpected ways, you can begin to explore the world with a curious lens and find inspiration in everyday life. 

4. Great ideas come from a place of joy and wonder. Being on an inspiration tour is meant to break your routines and frames of reference, to open you up to new possibilities, and hopefully allow you to tap into joyful and wondrous feeling. Being in this state opens you up to the possibilities of making unexpected connections and having new ideas. 

I have led inspiration tours all over the world including in: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Mexico City, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul.

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